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19 keys (UK Gameshows)|


19 keys (UK Gameshows)|
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19 Keys aired on Channel 5 as a week-nightly show over four weeks in the late part of 2003. Hosted by Big Breakfast presenter and BBC Radio 5 Live DJ, Richard Bacon. 19 Keys features four contestants answering general knowledge questions against each other on the buzzer and on their own to locate the correct a key from a total of 19 available that would open the safe and win a cash prize. The show was also a race between time and money. Whilst the game was progressing the money would rise to a maximum of £7,500 within 15 minutes. If the cash was not obtained when the 15 minutes expired then the money would crash down to nothing within 3 minutes. If nobody wins the cash prize then the total prize available will rollover to the next show. Meaning up to £15,000 could be won on the next show and so on. Each contestant had a screen of 19 squares representing the keys. Each correct answer would remove a number from their screen telling them that key is not the one to open the safe and therefore false. However a incorrect answer would penalise that player be lighting up one of they keys they originally eliminated. Once a person has removed 18 keys they would learn the location of the correct key and therefore open the safe with that key.

The show had four rounds where Richard would present each round from the four different sides the cube whilst the money was rising. They are.

Round 1 -- Quickfire round on the buzzer.

Round 2 -- Quickfire round but the following question the contestant can either answer it or pass it to an opponent.

Round 3 -- Individual round where the contestant can set the difficulty for each question. 1 key removed = easy. 2 keys removed = medium, 3 keys removed = hard.

Round 4 -- Quickfire round but once a contestant answers an open question for 1 key they can set the difficulty for the next question as per the key levels in round 3.

Each podium also features a red button. They may press it at any time to choose a key to open a safe. They can either wait until they eliminated the 18 false keys on their screen or press it and be lucky and choose the right key by sheer luck. Once the button has been pressed they have 10 seconds to select their key and open the safe. However, if they choose the wrong key then they are eliminated from the game completely and have to leave.

19 Keys was broadcast every week night in the competitive 7.30pm which pitted the show against the popular soap operas of BBC One's EastEnders and ITV's Coronation Street. The first week featured self contained episodes with celebrities. Whilst the remaining three weeks had members of the public but some of their games straddled over two shows. It failed to to rate inside Channel 5′s top 30 ratings each week and was deemed a flop. However, it was favoured by UK game show fans. Incidentally, BBC and 12Yard's quiz, Eggheads was also launched earlier on the same day with 19 Keys but with negative reactions. Yet, Eggheads are still airing new episodes to this day and will celebrate their 10th anniversary this November.

Channel 5 and Objective Productions.